PERform soft is soft and light-curing relining material that can be worked easy to save time. If we're talking about plastic dentures, the PERform System and PERform soft are the ideal solution for dental technicians, dentists and patients because PERform soft is not attacked by bacteria, is permanently elastic and adheres perfectly to the denture resin with its chemical/physical retention system.

PERform soft can be polymerised both with halogen and UV light polymerisation machines and is easy to work even for people unfamiliar with the PERform System. PERform soft is the ready-to-use consistency paste you can model with an instrument or brush. The modelling liquid, repair adhesive and adhesive granulate round out PERform soft's range of products.

You start off by making the soft relining before applying the hard acrylic – the normal working time is absolutely minimal. PERform soft can be repaired both in the contact zone to the acrylic and in the relining material, processed with the usual retention burs, stones or diamonds and polished with soft silicon polishers to a satin finish. You can store PERform soft in the unopened package without refrigeration (20° C). See for yourself what fantastic material properties PERform soft offers.

PERform softorder no.
assortment101 720
modelling paste20 g101 705
modelling paste50 g101 725
modelling liquid20 ml101 708
polymerosation bath500 ml101 740
repair adhesive20 ml101 709
adhesive granulate15 g101 729
brush cleaner20 ml101 773
special seperator100 ml115 150
inkolator relining apparatus102 300
Inkolux LPA 370 (light polymerisation machine)101 720